Harold AO portrait

Hi. I am Harold AO. I'm a young 18 year-old developer and designer.


Poitiers (France)


I have 4+ years of experience working on side-projects and with clients. ... But my skills don't stop there. I'm constantly looking for learning new things and new experiences in this vast world of creativity. Through this, I have learned self-taught web development, UI design, graphic design, and some video animation (motion design).


My creative fields:

+ Web / Digital Design
+ Animation / Motion Design
+ Graphic Design
+ Brand identity
+Video Editing
+ Packaging Design

  • Superhi
  • Freecodecamp
  • Scrimba
  • Awwwards Academy
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Youtube Videos
  • ThreeJS Journey
Programming Languages & Others
  • - HTML/CSS
  • - Javascript
  • - Python
  • - Sqlite
  • - Scss
  • - NodeJS
  • - Liquid
  • - Parcel
  • - Webpack
  • - RollupJS
  • - NPM
  • - Gsap
  • - Netlify (CMS)
  • - Prismic (CMS)
  • - Git(Hub)
  • - ThreeJS (In progress)
  • - Photoshop
  • - VS Code
  • - Illustrator
  • - After Effects
  • - Figma
  • - Blender
  • - Cinema 4D (Beginner Level)
  • - Premiere Pro
  • - Notion

I was born on 29th December 2003 in Poitiers, in France. 🇫🇷 .
I always knew I wanted to be a developer since the age of 12...

But in 2014, something special happened. I started making YouTube videos and knowing that I'm a bit of a stickler for details and a perfectionist, I designed my YouTube banner and video thumbnails: that's how I got into the design business.

As my design skills grew, I thought why not offer my skills to other youtubers. That's how I started to get clients and to make YouTube thumbnails and banners.

In April 2018, I did a internship in a web agency (Web Impulse). This agency is specialized in website creation and web development. This internship confirmed my choice to make web development my livelihood. It's at this period that I started to work on UI Design (in addition to Graphic Design).

In February 2019, I said to myself why not do the #100daysofcode (a challenge that consists in learning a lot of things related to code in 100 days) and share my progress with other developers. That's what I did. I had opened my Instagram account (harold.ao previously harold.codes). At that point, I took web development seriously.

It is with motivation and ambition that I wish to develop my skills from day to day because I want to continue to learn and create beautiful things.

Computer on a desk
To create compelling websites, designs, and experiences, I use my critical thinking skills and keen eye for details.